I have been married for over 13 years and have known my wife for well over 15 years. I knew from the first moment that I saw her that she would be my future wife. We often laugh whenever we talk about how we met, but  I am so happy that I went with my gut and decided to make her my wife. I will tell you this, that with any marriage there are moments where you will have to make sacrifices and possibly go through moments where you may want to throw in the towel. I will tell you this, please do not.

Time may get hard, but  I do feel like all marriages can be save and according to a blogger by the name of Karen, who ironically has been divorced twice. She has compiled a list of 10 things that could possibly help with your marriage. Check out the list here. I think this is great advice and can definately go both ways. I am sure there are those who may not agree, but sometimes you just have to buckle down and get off you high horses. I have put in 13 years and plan on another 13 if at all possible. I hope that all of my married couples out there will consider doing the same thing, whether it's 2, 4 or 20 years!

Luther Vandross- "Here and Now"