Philip A. Guillory, known to us as the infamous Go DJ Big Boy Chill, has been holding down nights here for over eight years and has been consistently number one in that time slot. Also Big Boy Chill is the CEO of Masked Mad Men Entertainment, an artist and a producer as a mobile DJ who can turn your party out. Now that you know a little bit about Mr. Big Benjamin Chaser, here are 10 Things That you didn't know!

1. ) Big Boy Chill is the second child of four children -- one older brother, one younger brother and sister. He has five nephews, and a niece or nephew on the way. Unfortunately he has no kids, yet.

2.) Chill's dad was a musician in a local band that traveled the country called "Superior Elevation." (See at right) They were managed by the late Rockin' Sidney. He DJ'd off and on for family, which is how he got into the business.

3.)  Big Boy Chill underwent open heart surgery at 4 years old.  He had a 'Coarctation of the Aortic valve', which is basically a narrowing of the valve that pumps blood to your body from the heart. He got routine check-ups, and thank God  he has had no issues since the surgery. Chill does his regular regimen of exercises, and makes sure watch what he eats more than others. To this day, according to Chill, he still has the scar on his back where they went in.

4.)  In the 1st grade Chill was attacked  by a dog -- his dog. He bit his left wrist that he still has a scar to this day from the severe open wound. Big Boy Chill received four stitches. The Pup missed the main artery in his wrist, which could have been fatal had he bitten him in deeper.

5.) Chill's most embarrassing moment was when he vomited in class on his first day of junior high. Embarrassed isn't the word for how he felt.

6.) Big Boy Chill is a proud high school graduate of Lake Charles Boston High School, and he then obtained his Bachelors of Science degree from McNeese State University in Mass Communication with a concentration in Television & Radio.

3ME Cypher:

7.) As I stated earlier he is not only a Dj but also a song writer and has even managed several individual artists since he's been in radio.

8.) Big Boy Chill says that if he wasn't in the entertainment business, he'd probably be a chef, because he loves to cook. Hey Ladies we got a live one here for you... LOL!

9.) He founded Masked Mad Men Entertainment in March of 2004. It's a record label, multiple production company, and it's where he runs his mobile DJ service as well.

10.) Now here is a little fun tip that you may want to know. Big Boy Chill is not really a big fan of  ice cream. Although he may eat some once a year, it's usually through an odd craving if he does have it.

Check him out in action as he rips the mic along with his 3ME Cohorts in two different cyphers. Also you can find Philip "Big Boy Chill" Guillory on facebook, instagram and twitter and for your bookings for future events hit him up at 337-526-6741


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