Erik Tee has been holding down afternoons here in Lake Charles since 2001.  He is the Brand Director of KJMH 107 Jamz and host of the "Afternoon Jump-Off", yet there's a lot about Erik I bet you don't know.

Erik Tee

The famous Erik Tee isn't from Lake Charles and most people know that.  Erik Tee is actually from Meridian, Mississippi.  Something you probably didn't know is the fact that your Big Hommie E has been in radio since 1987.  He has a long history in the business, however his first programing gig was here in Lake Charles.

Erik is live on location!
Erik hanging out with Tiny back in the day.

Like most veteran radio DJ's, Erik has a ton of experience and has worked at several radio stations throughout his career.  Believe it or not, his very first radio job was at a Gospel station.  A time went on, Erik worked at numerous stations with a variety of formats including Top 40, Soft Rock to of course Hip-Hop and R&B.  This experience has made him the knowledgeable and seasoned radio professional that he is today.

Erik hooks-up a listener with station T-Shirt
Erik and his co-workers pose for a picture with a very young Lil Jon.

Now that you have a little radio history on Erik Tee, here's 10 more things you didn't know:

1. Erik is the youngest of six boys and there is 19 years between him and his oldest brother.

2. Erik's oldest brother is the reason he got into radio.

3. Erik loves to watch old school movies in his spare time.

4. Erik Tee used to be a rapper and beatboxer back in the day.  He even performed at various talent shows in middle school and high school.

5. The first car Erik ever drove was a stick shift, and that's exactly why he prefers an automatic.

6. Dave Chapelle is Erik's favorite comedian.

7. Erik Tee has over 3,000 CD's.

8. Erik has been married for 12 years and has one son who is 15 years old.

9. Erik is unbelievably shy around a lot of people, including on stage at concerts.

10. Erik is a unapologetic mama's boy and says that it has made him a better man for his wife.