As we celebrate Black History Month, we get to highlight great individuals in music, movies, politics and great inventors who some may have forgotten or not even know. At this moment I want to give major props to a great actor and voice, he goes by the name of James Earl Jones!

James Earl Jones was born in my home state in Mississippi. He was born in a small town called Arkabutla, with over 50 years to his resume of great movies and stage performances. He received a Tony and Golden Globe award for his work in "The Great White Hope", but is probably best known for his work as the voice of Darth Vadar and also as Mufasa in "The Lion King". With the fact that he is such a great actor, people will not beliee that as a child he had a serious studdering problem, but was able to overcome it. As a matter of fact he was mute for a year, because of his embarrassment from not being able to speak properly. Jones is actual multi racial with african, irish and native american ancestry. He is currently sharing duties in the new Sprint Wireless commercial where he plays the character of a young texter. Also be lookng out for him in an upcoming episode of "The Big Bang Theory".

James Earl Jones- Sprint Commercial:

James Earl Jones "Fences"