Alright so when it comes to working with my hands, there are a few things that I am pretty good with. Unfortunately working with tools is not at the top of the chain. But I wanted to make a very loud statement and show that sometimes its not about what you know, its taking the time to learn and putting forth the effort.





On Thursday I along with my buddy Mike Soileau from our sister station went to give a little time and put forth the effort of helping to rebuild. It was great just hanging out with alot of folks not worrying about time or money, just wanting to do something positive. They are hoping to have it finished hopefully before the Thanksgiving holidays! They are still looking for a little help, all you have to do is go by and sign up. They will be doing the community related building effort until this Sunday!



I have to thank everyone who has helped out so far and we look forward to continuing to spread the word and I am truly excited about the park coming back.