After two years at Young Jeezy's Atlanta based CTE record label, Gary, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs has been speaking out publicly about his severed ties with the CTE boss. He's calling Jeezy a "fraud" and demanding a response.

In a recent interview with MTV, Gibbs say's he believed in what CTE was, and wanted to add too it, but he started seeing the fake and empty promises.

"I believed in what CTE was and what Jeezy was doin'. I messed with it, that was the music I was vibin' to and I wanted to add to it,"

Gibbs say's he could write a book worth of what he saw during his stint at the Atlanta based record label, "Things that would make you look at your favorite rapper in a different way." The two rappers amicalby parted ways back in December of 2012, Gibbs signed to CTE in April of 2011. This hasn't been the first time that he has spoken about his issues with Young Jeezy, and he even told XXL, that he's been receiving death threats via Twitter.

Find out what else Freddie Gibbs had to say about Young Jeezy in the below video.