Sometimes kids test the limits with their parents and extreme disciplinary actions have to be taken. Outside of the unjustifiable act of child abuse, what exactly is extreme disciplinary action

The two boys in the above video are being 'disciplined' for misbehaving in school. From the video you gather that one boy slapped a female at school. Putting your hands on a female should never be tolerated. As for the other young boy, it seems he may have brought a knife to school.

In an effort to combat the disruptive behavior by the two juvenile boys, the parents decided to jack their heads up with the worst possible haircuts you can fathom. Then they published the video to Facebook, and tagged the kids football team in it as well. How's that for embarrassment? The jokes at school the next day couldn't have been nice at all.

At first, I thought the punishment was a little harsh, but after the adult male in the video had the boys look into the camera, one boy could not help but to smile uncontrollably. That to me showed signs of a rebel in the making.

If you can't whip them anymore, I guess you have to be a bit more creative in punishing them. My mother cut my hair once. She called it "saving money." My hair couldn't grow back quick enough. Let's just say that was personally one of the worst week's of high school that I've ever endured.

Watch the video above for yourself and decide if you think the punishment was too harsh, or maybe it wasn't harsh enough.