The who's, who of Hip-Hop converged in Atlanta this weekend for the 2011 Hip-Hop Awards.  The show was taped Saturday October 1st but will air on October 11th.  Some of the biggest names in the game hit the stage with showstopper performances from DMX, Heavy D, El Debarge and more.  Once again the show willbe hosted by the hilarious Mike Epps.  Da  Brat will be walking in Mc Lyte's shoes as MC and DJ Holiday will keep everybody happy with the sound.  Tune into Tha Wire for more details.

Waka Flocka can't win for losing.  Waka was recently involved in some what of a tussle, when an unknown man approached him at a charity event this weekend.  Hands were thrown and here's some of what occurred.

Ever wanted to sing on a mic and sound like T-Pain

your in luck.  Have you ever imagined what you would sound if you were singing with a real auto-tune program.  Again, your in luck.  Tune in to find out.

The Michael Jackson forever tribute in Wales concert is just around the corner and millions of fans in 100 countries will get the opportunity to see it.  How?  Facebook, that's how.  Get more details today with Tha Wire.

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