The crime rate in Chicago is continuing to rise and since the New Year there has been 22 homicides in just 11 days, including 2 teens.

New Orleans, Louisiana is still in some ways considered the murder capital of the United States, once referred to as "The Murder Capital of the World". Though the city of New Orleans is still plagued with murder, Chicago is sadly in the running to take on that title in a major way. We are only 14 days into the New Year, and in 11 days there have been 22 murders, 2 of which were teens.

" A boy just days away from his 15th birthday was among two young teens killed in gun violence in Chicago since Friday afternoon, authorities said. Separate shootings wounded four other people, most of whom are also teenagers. The boy was standing on a porch in the 2400 block of West Augusta Boulevard in the West Town neighborhood about 11:50 p.m. when two shooters walked up and opened fire, authorities said. He was shot multiple times in the chest and died at the scene, police News Affairs Officer Amina Greer said." - CBS2

Watch this video for more on what's really going on in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

When will the turmoil end, and what are officials in Chicago really doing to put an end to the senseless killings? When will the federal government step up and assist them in their problem?