To add to the festering beef between rapper 40 Glocc and Game, now comes word over the weekend 40 assaulted Games manager.

40 Glocc-Youtube
Game and Dontay Taydoe Kidd-Youtube

More like sucker punched the man.  Games manager/assistant known as "Taydoe" was  having a meal with his girlfriend when 40 allegedly surprised him and assaulted him.  Vladtv got a hold of the tweets that were sent out immediately after the alleged beat down.  This is what happened.......according to 40.



Sooner of later grown men with children and families have to grow up and put aside juvenile beefs.  however it's not gonna happen anytime soon when it comes to rappers 40 Glocc and Game.  Ironically, 40 filed a lawsuit against Game for beating him up last July.  For info on this foolishness, listen to Tha Wire below.

Drake-Getty Images

In the meantime, congrats to Drake.  He scored a nice little spot on the "Top 50 Worldwide Tours", thanks to his Club Paradise Tour last year. has tallied up the biggest money earners of 2012 and Drizzy came in at #19.  That's pretty big considering the fact that he's the only rapper to make the list.  Get the goods on how much he made, plus find out who's at #1.

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Finally, Chief Keef was in court today for violating his parole.  That's not exactly a good thing beings that he's do back before a judge at the end of the month for.........violating his parole in a separate incident.  Hopefully for his sake, it's not one to many incidents because he may be looking at some jail time.  Get more info now on this story and on all of the above.  Press play now to hear Tha Wire: