During an interview with Sirius XM's Town Hall series, 50 Cent gave his brutally honest opinion of why things fell apart with his former G-Unit comrades. 

50 broke down why a new G-Unit album never manifested itself, since 2008's T.O.S. (Terminate On Sight) album. 50 said, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, and Young Buck all wanted to pursue solo careers, and according to the Jamaican Queens MC:

You have to understand, their entire career they’ve been standing next to me on stage and not being the actual focus. That’s the way it first started. 50 Cent project and then you going to stand there until I say we going to sell your project. Okay, we going to sell yours now.

50 also addressed comments Tony Yayo made via his Instagram on last month (February) about quitting the music industry citing, "too many b*tch as* n**as” wanting him to "brown nose all the time."

50's response?

I’ve seen [Yayo] say ‘sorry’ more than anything else in our conversations. His sorry don’t mean sorry. His sorry mean ‘nah man…chill ’till next time. That’s what he means, because he’s going to do it over and over. I love him. I grew up with him.

When asked about the all of the original G-Unit member's 50 simply said, “Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo are the same person to me.”

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