It's painfully obvious the Chris Brown can't win with some people.  No matter what he does, or doesn't's never gonna be good enough. 


It's got to be extremely tough to be this kid these days.  Given the recent drama between Chris and Frank Ocean ALL eye's where on Chris during the Grammy's to see how he would react to Franks win over both him and Miguel for the best Urban Contemporary album for debut LP “Channel Orange.”

First of all, I love Frank Ocean...I really love his music.  That being said, he didn't do anything special to get a standing ovation.  That to me, was unnecessary.  However, I  really feel the standing ovation was more so, because he "came out" than the fight he had with Chris.  Ironically, no one seems to care that Frank started the fight in the first place.  For that matter, the beef between to singers goes back a couple of years.  It's nothing new.  On top of that, Frank Ocean got their beef started as well.  Click here and see for yourself


I think Chris was a good sport.  After all he clapped for Frank, even though as far as I'm concerned, Frank didn't deserve the award.  Chris really should have gotten the award, because he's got more hits and albums than Frank and has put in far more work than Frank Ocean and Miguel put together.  To go a step further, if Chris couldn't have it Miguel should've won on the strength that he to has paid his dues and has far more hits than Frank.

To compare, Frank Ocean has one album and two hits.  That's it.  Miguel has two albums and five hits, not to mention he didn't win anything last year. So, technically it was his turn.  Finally, Chris Brown had SEVEN chart topping hits last year  from his new album Fortune.  Not to mention more than 20 top ten singles and five hit albums and a ton of number one singles the length of his career.  So, Chris really should have won the Grammy, because he earned it.

Needless to say, everyone wanted to see Chris squirm and because he didn't give the man a standing ovation, everybody had something to say.  Yet, Miguel didn't stand up and nobody had anything to say about that.  Anyway, it was widely speculated that  British superstar Adele chastised Breezy after the show.  Listen to Tha Wire below and find out what Adele has to say about that and more.


In other news, it's been a minute since we heard anything from Nelly musically, but that's about to change.  He's is making a come-back!  He's already dropped a new single and gearing up to drop a new album.  Get all the details below with Tha Wire.

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In the meantime, Willie D of the legendary Geto Boys is following in Luther Campbell footsteps and writing a newspaper column.  Tomorrow Willie's hot new column will make an online debut and I got all the details.  Get the scoop, mess and drama now.  Press play now to here Tha Wire: