This dude is definitely new one of the new shining stars of comedy. Affion Crockett is killing the game, even though his show "In The Flow" with Affion Crockett didn't do well, he is funny. He is the only comedian who can truly get away with making fun of some of today's hottest celebrities. He literally has the backing of Jamie Foxx, Russel Simmons and had Jay-Z rolling when he made a spoof of him. Well check out the latest as he is spoofing Drakes "Headlines"



This will not be the last time seeing Affion, as he has already done movies with Samuel Jackson, Nick Cannon, and Charlie Sheen. You can also be on the lookout for his latest project. The Affion Crockett App for all I-Phones, I-Pads and soon the Android. This is where you can see Affion at his best and killing the comedy game.