It's been over a decade since the release of his last project, but I'm happy to say Glenn Lewis has returned to music.  The R&B singer has a hot new single, 'Can’t Say Love' and a forthcoming album. 

Glenn Lewis performs at the Night of Las Vegas Decadence at Bloomingdales. Photo by Matthew Peyton Getty Images

I've always said folks are sleepin on this brother.  It's good to see he's finally getting some props for his talents.  Glenn Lewis first got the world’s attention with the breakout single 'Don’t You Forget It'.  The sizzling track was from his 2002 debut LP World Outside My Window a decade ago.  Here's a look back at the video.

Remember that?  Yeah, that's him.  Unfortunately, Glenn's career has been a mixture of hits, misses and guest appearances since then.  But that's behind him now, because people are finally starting to take notice.  Stepping out on faith, with a brand new project, Glenn Lewis is ready to try it again.  He new single is "Can’t Say Love' and it's the lead off joint from his forthcoming LP Moment Of Truth.

He's done it again.  This is a bonifide hit and I don't know about you, but I can't wait to hear more.  Speaking of which, Glenn Lewis's new album Moment of Truth arrives on October 15.