We all make mistakes and unfortunately sometimes the "powers that be", wont let us forget.  Obviously, he was trying to do something positive with his life, but sadly his past has caught up with him.   American Idol contestant Jermaine Jones will reportedly have to leave the show.  It was discovered that the gentle giant has a criminal record and NOT having one, I would imagine is one of the American Idol requirements.  It is expected he will leave the show tonight.  In a story first reported by TMZ, Idol producers learned Tuesday that Jermaine had concealed the fact that he was arrested twice last year and has outstanding warrants.

This of course is not the first time an Idol has been disqualified from the show.   Season 2's Jared Andrews was dismissed over assault charges as was Corey Clark and then Frenchie Davis was disqualified for topless photos she had taken years prior.  In 2009, it was discovered that Joanna Pacitti had actually released an album three years prior and in 2010, Chris Golightly did not tell producers that he actually signed a record contract before competing.

According to TMZ, after discovering that he lied about his criminal history, Idol producers filmed their confrontation with Jermaine Tuesday afternoon.  Which, I must say...isn't cool, because the poor guy has got to be heartbroken and embarrassed enough.  Supposedly, American Idol will include footage of that interview in tonight's  show.  He will appear on tonight's show before being shown the door early.  Also according to TMZ, among the incidents on his  record are incidents of violence and during both times he was arrested, he gave the police fake names.People Magazine reports that Jones confirmed that he will be leaving on Twitter, writing that, “Awww I will no longer b on the show.”  However since then, his official account has been deleted.  So far Fox has  not commented any of these reports.

On Tuesday, it was also reported by TMZ Jermaine allegedly said on the show last week, that his father abandoned him and his mother.  But, his father, Kevin Jones said it wasn't true and that he and Jermaine see one another all the time and even had dinner twice last week.  By the way, Jermaine has denied ever saying that.

Well, we wish him the best and hopefully we will see him again.  God bless Jermaine, keep your head up.