With Crime being at an all time high, especially during this time of the year. According to the FBI , here is the top 25 most dangerous cities to live in. If you have family or you are planning on visiting these cities, you may wanna have a back up plan!


1. Flint, MI 2. Camden, NJ 3. Detroit, MI 4. St Louis, MO 5. Oakland, CA 6. Cleveland, OH 7. Baltimore, MD 8. Jackson, MS 9. Newark, NJ 10. Richmond CA 11. New Orleans, LA 12. New Haven, CT 13. Little Rock, AR 14. Compton, CA 15. Buffalo, NY 16. Cincinnati, OH 17. Memphis, TN 18. Dayton, OH 19. Washington, DC 20. Stockton, CA 21. Macon, GA 22. Kansas City, MO 23. Springfield, MA 24. Hartford, CT 25. Valejo, CA


There are alot of places on this list that really surprised me. Of course there are several of them which I am not shocked by. I truly hope that the new year will bring about some positivity in some of these cities and possibly the world. We are in a recession, but turning to crime is not the way to fight that problem.