If Aretha Franklin has her way, The thenewsnerd website that posted the fake story of her having a fight with Pattie LaBelle, may end up shelling out some money.   

(Photo by Andy Kropa/Getty Images)

The Queen of Soul didn't find News Nerds story amusing.  As a matter of fact, she's filed a $10 million lawsuit against the site for slander and deformation of character.  It's no secret, News Nerd and numerous other websites publish satirical news like this, including The Onion.  Non the less, Aretha is making it known she's not to be played

As previously reported, Aretha Franklin threw some epic shade at Patti LaBelle when the two legendary singers met up at the White Houses 'Women of Soul' concert.  Here's a look at Patti and Retha's unbelievable performances.

The fake story read made Aretha Franklin's blood boil, the Queen of Soul released the following statement:

I've never heard anything crazier-regarding myself and Patti allegedly fighting on March 20, in Atlanta. On March 20, I was in New York City readying for my birthday patty (Sorry. LOL. Laughing at my typo error). I meant PARTY, which we all had one fabulous time. Patti and I are cool and we always have been. I enjoyed her at the White House. Classic Patti."

As far as filing a $10 million defamation of character lawsuit against the site, Aretha said further "The stories were not presented as satire or humor. It was presented as a serious news story intended to depict me in a slanderous and derogatory way-defamation of character."