When the rapper Tim Dog died earlier this year in February from complications from diabetes, you would think that would've been the end of his story.   However, it's only the beginning and now authorities in Mississippi have issued a warrant for his arrest, on suspicion that he faked his own death.


At the time of his death, Tim Dog, who's real name is Timothy Blair, was convicted of swindling a number of women out of money to a tune of $2 million.  The drama pretty much unfolded last week, when a woman named Esther Pilgrim claimed that the rapper faked his death to avoid paying her and the other woman the tens of thousands of dollars in court ordered debts.   When his death was reported, he was in the course of paying off the remaining $19,000 he owed Ms. Pilgrim.

As it turns out, Ms.Pilgrim was one of many women the rapper defrauded in an online dating scam, over which he was eventually convicted with grand larceny.  He was reported dead in February at the age of 46, having suffered a seizure do to diabetes complications.  But the only entity announcing Tim Dogs death was being linked back to The Source magazine.  Ironically, its original link has disappeared and since then there's been no solid information about where he died or how the body was discovered.

On top of that Tim Dogs former producer Cedric "Ced Gee", doesn't believe he died either.  He even refused to speak at Blair's funeral after family members could not produce a death certificate.  Because of that, Ms. Pilgrim conducted her own investigation and sent a friend to Atlanta to search for Blair's death certificate, and was unsuccessful.  Meanwhile a private investigator working for local news station WREG tracked down an address that was listed as "active", but confusion still surrounds what that actually means.

Is this a mess or what?  Believe it or not, there's more!  Listen to Tha Wire below to get more details..


In other news, the world of HipHop is teaming up with sports just in time for Fathers Day.    Houston rapper Lecrae is teaming up with NBA superstar D-Wade for a special fatherhood initiative.  With Father’s Day less than a month away, the two celebs want to use their influence with fans to create awareness of the fatherless crisis here in America.

That being said, the stars are teaming up for a national campaign called "This Is Fatherhood" and launching the “Fatherhood Challenge.”  Participants will be able to submit a video, song, photo or essay answering the question, “What does fatherhood mean to me?”  If your interested, listen to Tha Wire below to find out how you can register.  Plus, get the scoop on the prizes as well.


Pharrell Williams is on a roll right now.  As previously announced he's going to join Rihanna on her new fashion reality show this year, his funky single with Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines" and more.  Now comes word the producer has a new track called 'Happy’ getting ready to hit radio from the ‘Despicable Me 2′ soundtrack.  Take a listen and tell us what you think.  WARNING, YOU CHANCES OF YOU GETTING HAPPY IS GREAT.

The feel-good track has a throwback feel to it with its soulful groove, on-time drumming, soul claps and vocal harmonies.  Listen to Tha Wire to find out when the soundtrack is gonna drop and when the movies hits theaters.    For all of today's juicy details, press play to here Tha Wire now: