In an interview with Rap Up, New Orleans singer August Alsina explains how the remix for 'I Love This' came to life, and how Trey Songz and Chris Brown ended up on the song. Say's him and Trey aren't cool right now. 

According to August, he didn't look for the remix to happen, Trey reached out to him in admiration of the record, and sent him a verse and it went from there. 'It just happened out of the blue.' From there he said 'it's probably reaching for the stars' to get Chris Brown on the record, but after reaching out to Brown, he was familiar with the song and also sent the him a verse for the already hit record.

But things change, especially in the industry. August says he isn't 'f**king' with Trey Songz, 'We don't get along right now. We ain't on the same page. He did some other s***, and we just don't rock.'  The singer also spoke on his relationship with Chris Brown, 'I spoke to him a while ago. He's going through what he's going through, his situation… I just try to uplift him with positivity and love.'

Find out in the video below what really went down word-for-word from the singer himself.