August Alsina released the controversial Payne Lindsey video for 'FML' today (June 26th) featuring Pusha T, from his debut album 'Testimony,' in stores now. The graphic video highlights one of America's rising issues, suicide. A scene Alsina wasn't afraid to play out in the video himself. 

Suicide is a taboo subject in the United States, but Alsina wasn't afraid to tackle the issue in his latest self co-directed video. The 'Make It Home' singer ends the video with this message,

I’ve been where you are… through the struggle and through the pain. It’s what makes us stronger than most. When there seems to be no way forward in life, you have to make a way.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number appears before the video ends.

People took to twitter to share their thought's about the video.  Some of their comments changed my initial perception of the video, so much I had to change the original title of this post from 'August Alsina Releases Disturbing Video 'FML,' ft. Pusha T." to the one you read at the top of the page now.