Philly mc, Beanie Sigel has had his share of legal issues.  These days, they've gone from bad to worse.

Beans recently released his new album "This Time", as he was already planning on turning himself in to serve a two year sentence starting September 12th.  Sigel was going back to jail for failing to pay more than $728-thousand dollars in federal income taxes.  However things have changed as he was taken into custody this week.  Find out what happened and what that means for the 38-year old MC now.  Get the scoop below with Tha Wire.

In more news, the fall out continues from the Drake/Chris Brown bottle throwing brawl at Club W.I.P.  Among the many lawsuits, the club is being sued to the tune of $20 million by the NBA's Tony Parker, who was injured.  Tony was attending a separate party at the club and was hit with glass during the fight and a glass shaving even got into his eye.  The eye injury prevented him from attending important practice seasons for the Olympics.  The lawsuit is in full swing now and I got the latest details.

And finally, Joan Rivers host of the hit show "Fashion Police" has picked a fight with Rihanna.  Apparently, she didn't like the fact that Rihanna still loves Chris Brown.  So much so, that she blasted Rihanna on Twitter and even said she should be slapped!  Find out more now.  Press play to here Tha Wire: