I remember back in 1997 I was living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and there was a big radio station in the market who was killing the game. They were a hip hop station called 95.7 Jamz and had been doing big things with cash contest and more during the tenure.

Well on this day they had been leading up the entire week about a huge cash contest that they were going to be doing. Now we should have known with it being on April 1st that it could have been a prank, but when you hear about money, I think everything else goes out of the window.

On that day they were going to be posted up at the mall in Birmingham and broadcasted that all of the listeners needed to be in the area to score some cash money that was going to be in plastic easter eggs. They were talking about giving away 10,000 plastic eggs with $1,000.00 in each of them.. The excitement was in the air and there were thousands of people at the event. They had a helicopter that appeared above everyone with the logo for the station and the dj's from the station were in it, so the listeners knew what was about to happen.

They started dropping the eggs from the helicopter and the people scrambled all over the parking lot. The people got their hands on the plastic eggs and opened them and saw that they were being billed. Wow you talk about people being upset, some thought about it being April Fools Day, but there was alot of anger as well. The station took a little beat down including having one of their station vehicles vandalized, but they eventually bounced back. This is still one of the best pranks that I have seen, and to my knowledge I haven;t seen one bigger. Have you heard of one that you can mention?