Unfortunately, there's more drama surrounding Beyonce.  Now the songstress is being accused of portraying herself as Jesus Christ.

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According to reports , Bey posted a photo to Instagram with her posing in front of a painting of Leonardo Di Vinci’s “The Last Supper”.  The image features the words “It was all a dream” barely visible above it and “Juicy” below it, an obvious nod to the late Notorious B.I.G. and his song “Juicy”.  What’s got everybody talking is the fact that she appears to be intentionally placing herself in the middle of the photo, blocking Jesus Christ.

Queen Bey, or “Beysus” to some her fans, has not responded to the brewing controversy, just yet.  Unfortunately, the 32-year-old diva has been no stranger to causing a stir these days.  Intentionally or not, she’s been ruffling a few feathers since the tail end of 2013- starting with rubbing retail giant, Target the wrong way with the surprise and  “digital only” release of her new self-titled album, infuriating, NASA, and grieving family members, for  sampling the audio from the fatal 1986 Challenger explosion in the song “XO” and this “Beezus” stuff.  Has she gone far?

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In other news about two weeks ago Katherine Jackson and her grandchildren, made an online video plea asking fans for donations to help fund a Michael Jackson documentary. Here's a look.

Now, after receiving an undisclosed amount of money in film contributions, Katherine has called the project off.

TMZ first reported the story, and stated that the Jackson family monarch claimed that the Michael Jackson Estate wouldn’t financially support the documentary and that’s why she turned to his fans to raise money.  However, Howard Weitzman a lawyer for Michaels Estate says Mrs. Jackson never tried to contact them.

Unfortunately, the project was over before it began after a media news channel accused Mrs. Jackson of fraudulent activity and her team pulled the plug on the whole thing. So now the question is: what happened to all the money and will fans get a full refund?  Find out below with Tha Wire.

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Finally, rappers David Banner, Ludacris and R&B songstress Marsha Ambrosius have been hit with a copyright-infringement lawsuit over allegedly sampling a classic Tyrone Davis track without permission.

According to TMZ, Banner is being sued by soul legend Tyrone Davis, over his 1979 ballad, ‘Be With Me.’ Davis and his publisher claim that Banner sampled the tune for his 2010 track, ‘Be With Me’ featured on the album, ‘Death of a Pop Star.’ Luda and Marsha are mentioned in the lawsuit because they appear on the song.

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