If your a Beyonce fan, you'll be happy their another way to follow your favorite artist.


Instagram is a growing phenomenon on the social media side and now it just got even hotter.  Beyonce wants her fans to know they can join her at BaddieBey.  Get all the details below and listen to Tha Wire.

Fabolous and his girl Emily B from Love & Hip-Hop-getty images

In more news, Fabolous took a brief break for the social media scene for a while.  Seemed like every time he turned around he was getting caught up in some sort of drama behind it.  So, he took a step back and took some time to let it all die down.  In a recent interview he talked about the Twitter issue to his relationship with Emily of "Love & Hip-Hop" and the mus-conceptions about him because of the show.  Find out what he had to say and get the scoop on his upcoming mixtape and full length album.

In other news, Game has a rep for beating the breaks off of people and sat down to discuss that along with ton of other things including his upcoming reality show, new album and more with The Breakfast Club morning crew.  Here's what he said:

Meanwhile, L.L. Cool J after all these years is still very much relevant. From the acting scene to the music scene to now being known as one heck of a show host. He does all of the above flawlessly. Speaking of which, check out his new single "Take It" featuring Joe:

Get the 411 on L's upcoming CD and where and what he's be hosting in the very near future. All of today's entertainment news and more is right here. Press play to hear Tha Wire now