After more than 10 years, Beyonce's ex-boyfriend is looking to get his 15 minutes of fame. Bey's ex love is speaking out and telling anyone who'll listen what is was like dating the former Destiny's Child.


According to Houston chef that goes by the name of Lyndell Locke, he dated Beyonce for 9 years back in the day.  Lyndell says, Bey was the one he let get away.  In a recent interview, Beyonce's ex said she was a good girl from a Christian home and didn't believe in sex before marriage.   Basically, she wouldn't give it up and he decided he couldn't wait any longer, so he cheated.  That would prove to be a big mistake and Beyonce gave him the boot.  Soon after she started dating Jay-Z and the rest as they history.


So what sparked Lyndell to come forward after all these years?  Supposedly, he decided to speak up after learning of a statement Bey made in an interview with L.A. Confidential earlier this year.  Beyonce stated:  “Fortunately I haven’t had any break-ups! This is my first relationship” in reference to her relationship with Jay-z.

Anyway, Lyndell seems to think that had he never cheated, Beyonce would still be his.   The Houston Chef sat down with DC Rumors and reminisced about his former teenage love addressing rumors of Beyonce being pregnant and more.  Here's a look at the full interview:


Interviewer: How did you meet Beyonce?


Lyndell: We were very young in our teens. From the same area in Houston. We knew each other a long time. We were very close and very good friends.


Interviewer: OK, Define friends.


Lyndell: (laughs) We would go out together, I would take her to the movies or we would eat out. Normal things teenage kids do. It was �puppy� love�


Interviewer: So you were in love with Beyonce?


Lyndell: Love is a strong word for a teenage relationship but we were very close and I cared A LOT about her. I still do.


Interviewer: Are the rumors true that you got Beyonce pregnant and she had to have an abortion?


Lyndell: You know, when I heard this rumor I was really upset by it. Unfortunately, at the time I was not able to speak on it and people were allowing the speculation to go around. Beyonce as far as I know did not have an abortion.


Interviewer: So you and Beyonce did have a sexual relationship?


Lyndell: No comment

Interviewer: (laughs) OK I think you answered that already. When you say you were not able to speak on things, what do you mean by that?


Lyndell: I watched Destiny�s Child grow, I knew all the girls and I saw them progress. I was there when they got their first deal, when they rehearsed. I was a close member to the family even though some people didn't approve of me being there. The DC Empire looking back now was very cleverly orchestrated and every member of the team was under a microscope. Whether that was on a personal or working relationship. Anyone close to those girls, especially [sic] Beyonce at that influential [sic] time in her life was a threat. It was all about Focus, Focus, Focus. Apparently, boys don't equal focus which I kind of understand.