People in Louisiana, Texas, and many places beyond know that 107 Jamz own Big Boy Chill is "Mr. Tight @ Night" Monday - Friday, but he has his hands in many other things that just might shock you. Find out what!

Byron Johnson/3ME

There's a lot of talent in this great city of Lake Charles, Louisiana, so much that Big Boy Chill tends to like to get really involved with it, but how involved is he? We'll tell you! Well, I am who we speak of, so I'll tell you how involved I am.

I've been the CEO of Masked Mad Men Entertainment L.L.C. since March of 2004, my company started out as just a small mobile Dj service, ran by myself, that spanned from Southeast Texas to Southeast Louisiana. If they're paying or the opportunity is immense, no matter the corridor of the globe, I'm there. But I wanted to be more than just a mobile Dj service, I wanted to groom the best of the best in my area, especially in between Lake Charles and Lafayette, so I unexpectedly branched off into artist management when I started working with local artist Crowley Redd (Cool Me Off, Ms. Fire Redd), as well as numerous consultation's with Blue Da Kid (Swag, Baw Get Outta Yuh, Saint's Song, Stop Stuntin'), and so many more I've assisted along the way.

Now, years later under the direction of some great people as well as lesson's learned from dealing with not so great people in the entertainment business, I've restructured my company to a full fledged entertainment company that not only is home to my Dj services outside of radio (107 Jamz). Masked Mad Men Entertainment is now home to 3 new faces: D3VIN, J King, and Bugg Marley, all native's of Lake Charles. With the help and dedication of some up and coming entrepreneur's at Kreative Managment, Karve Skate Shop, Shout Legacy (Las Vegas), iLLustrative Culture, my long time friend and fellow DJ, Go DJ Choke Deezy, and a dear friend who cannot be revealed at the moment, we've restructured Masked Mad Men Entertainment and re-branded as, "3ME" or "Three M Entertainment."

We're a young group of individual's striving to do what it is we passionately love. No fancy bell's or whistles, no gimmicks, and minimum funding (LOL), but where we lack finance we make up for it with an abundance of resourcefulness, talent, and an extreme amount of faith and determination. Already we've touched the same stage with Level, Trina, Lil Scrappy, Marques Houston, and there's more to come.

Byron Johnson/3ME "The Entire 3ME STAFF"

Ladies and gentlemen here's a formal introduction of the young men I invest a large majority of my spare time into. Say hello to D3VIN, J KING, and Bugg Marley. Too find out more about each individual artist and to hear and download FREE music, log on to

Byron Johnson/3ME/D3VIN
Byron Johnson/3ME/J King
Byron Johnson/3ME/Bugg Marley