On June 18th me and Erik Tee caught the first thing smoking out of Louisiana & took our talents to the Las Vegas strip for a few days, we even made a quick trip to Los Angeles.

They say "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!" so of course I only posted the "good pics" if you know what I mean. No we didn't act out any scenes from the Hangover but I did meet someone who was a dead ringer for one of the movies stars, Zach Galifianakis.

I even had the opportunity to go to Flavor Flav's terribly staffed & serviced "House of Flavor Restaurant" where their motto is "Yeaah Boyyyy!" A large part of me wishes I was joking, but I am not. I have proof of this "House of Flavor" tucked away outside of the Las Vegas stip.


I didn't get as many pics as I'd like, but I managed to get a few pics for my folks who have never seen the place regarded as the "City of Sin". It's beautiful and hot! Extremely hot and dry, beautiful nonetheless and a city that is not to be taken lightly as I am always warned when I visit by my wise and much older brother who understands the ways that have made Las Vegas what it is today.  In his words, "Lil bro, don't become a victim of Las Vegas, because it can happen very easily." As you can see, I'm back and the only thing I fell victim to was exhaustion from the heat, and a lot of good food. Here are a few more pics I took while there, and a few are of my one day trip to the cool relaxed city of Angles, Los Angeles, California!