I've been on a hunt for Jamaican raga artist Shabba Ranks, combing through social network sites and seeking assistance from my best friend, Google. Where the hell is this guy hiding?! Why is no one booking him to perform anywhere? At least I'd pay to see him! 

Since I can't get my wish filled, I'll settle for the classic video for the smooth R&B, reggae fused, dancehall record, "Mr. Loverman," filled with gyrating bikini clad women that still get me excited today. Also, you could probably credit Shabba's "torso/pelvic dip what-cha-ma-call-it," or at least that's what I call it, as one of the signature moves of raunchy R&B artist's and groups of the 90's, i.e.: Jodeci, Silk, Ginuwine, etc.

Though it may seem as just another random moment in the life of Big Boy Chill, I'd thoroughly appreciate it if you sit back in divulge in one of my absolute favorite song's and video's from the 90's. Here's Shabba Rank's classic, "Mr. Loverman." [Shabba!!!!]