Lil Boosie, who's real name is Torrence Hatch goes to trial in six days for first-degree murder and as of Tuesday of this week a judge ruled that lyrics from his song "187" can be used against him.

According to reports, the song can not be played in it's entirety, nor can any verse be read line by line.  In spite of that, Judge Mike Erwin ruled that three specific words can and will be used in court as evidence against Boosie.  For more details on the upcoming trial and the confession of a Lil Boosie's alleged associate, scroll down and press play to hear Tha Wire.

In other news, 50 Cent has still got his foot on Young Bucks neck.  Buck has really had a hard time trying to pay off creditors as part of his bankruptcy filing and Fif ain't trying to make it any easier.  His legal camp has gotten involved to try and stop Buck from selling recordings and other items of interest.

In more news, it's going down!  TLC is going on tour and hopefully by the end of the year.  So far 5 major cities have been booked, with more to

come!  Meanwhile, they might have a very special guest joining them.  Also, Bobby Brown got lucky and will excape doing time, stemming from his DUI arrest last month. Get all of today's juicy details now with Tha Wire: 


In addition to putting the finishing touches on his highly anticipated fifth studio album and selling his two-month old puppies, Chris Brown is teaming up with artist Ron English to release a new collectibles series.  Called Dum English, this exclusive line of limited-edition collectible toys and sculptures will launch in L.A. May 2nd.

The limited edition series of the toy line will include about 1000 pieces and 20 fiberglass sculptures, featuring items like toy necklace chains and more.  Next week, Chris and Ron will showcase their work at the Corey Helford Gallery.  Proceeds from the sales at the event will benefit Breezy's Symphonic Love foundation, which provides support and funding for arts programs dedicated to women and the artistic development of children.