After a year-long investigation and wiretaps, undercover New York police officers brought down a multi-state gun trafficking ring that included Brooklyn rapper Neno Best.


The rapper who's real name is Matthew Best, was arrested along with 18 others and indicted on 552 counts including conspiracy, criminal sale of a firearm, criminal possession of a weapon.  NYC officials are calling this the biggest gun bust in New York history as the case centers around 208 guns that were confiscated by police worth approximately $160,000.

According to undercover officers, Brooklyn MC Neno Best was using his Ocean Hill studio in Brooklyn, as a base of operations for the gun sales.  Police indicated that Best's studio was used to sell guns on at least 11 different occasions and that the guns were often laid out in plain view.  According to authorities, Best had the largest sale of the entire investigation, at $9,700 for 14 guns.

Brooklyn MC Neno Best-youtube

The case didn't stop in New York, it also included smuggling rings stretching as far as North and South Carolina.  Best's fellow defendants Walter Walker and Earl Campbell, are accused of separately transporting guns from their home states back to New York using the Chinatown bus lines.

In all, 16 individuals were arrested in New York, North and South Carolina, while three others involved in the case were already in custody on unrelated charges.  For his role in the gun bust, Neno Best was indicted on one count of conspiracy and faces up to 4 years in prison if convicted.