It was a sad day in court for 40 year old rapper Corey Miller, best known as C-Miller and Master P's brother.  C-Murder’s rap career includes eight solo albums and several albums with TRU, the trio of him and brothers Master P and Silkk The Shocker. His 1998 disc Life or Death achieved platinum sales and its follow-up Bossalinie went Gold. His most recent album, 2010’s Tomorrow, was released under his own TRU Records while he was in prison.  Unfortunately for him, that's were he's gonna be for the rest of his life.  His hopes of over turning a previous conviction of life in prison, are now lost. 

In 2009, a jury convicted Miller of second-degree murder for shooting 16-year-old Steve Thomas during a confrontation at a nightclub in Jefferson Parish, La.  Yesterday, his appeal was denied.  Don't worry, I got all the details.  Press play.

Jay-Z's 40/40 club opened in June 2003, since then the Club has seen its fair share of highs and lows.  In 2008 the club drew a tremendous amount of negative publicity when a lawsuit was filed by an employee claiming that she and fellow employee’s received less than minimum wage and did not receive overtime pay.

Ironically, Jay-Z is being sued AGAIN for a issue similar to that.  This time, by the city of New York.  Tune into Tha Wire for the full scoop.  Meanwhile, as we previously reported, Jay’s 40/40 Club will unveil its new restaurant, with $10 million in renovations and technological upgrades on Jan. 18.  Some of the renovations, implemented by designer Jeffrey Beers, include a new amber lit bar top, an illuminated bottle display tower, leather wall installations, huge LED TV’s, new VIP lounges, oak wood floors and a new Broadway Grand Entrance.

The original reopening was scheduled for November, but the Brooklyn born rapper and expectant father wanted to make sure everything is perfect before he re-opens the doors. The overall vision is to capture the “energy, grandeur, and opulence of NYC nightlife.”

Executive Chef Juan Jara created a new menu that will entice both the sports fan and the casual diner.  The concept is Latin-Soul lounge food with dishes like “Southern-fried chicken strips, 40/40 mini club burgers served with signature 40/40 sauce, mouth-watering skewers, and a variety of tasty mini desserts including fried twinkies and mini strawberry shortcake biscuits.”

As we rap up the year several artists got their props for being the most stylish this year, while another artist beat out the competition for having the sexiest commercial.  Plus, Tyler Perry is gearing up to roll out two new movies.  Press play to get the skinny now, with Tha Wire: 


According to Billboard, the contents of Michael Jackson's home sold nearly $1 million dollars at auction.  That amount was nearly triple the company over the auction's pre-auction expectations.  As a matter of fact they were hoping to between 200 and 400 thousand.

Among the highlights: A kitchen chalkboard where Michael's children wrote "I love daddy", brought $5,000, an armoire in which Michael wrote a message to himself fetched $25, 750.  However, the biggest shocker was what they got for the rug that was beneath the bed Michael died in.  Believe it or not it brought in a amazing $15,360!

The auction also included other items like artwork, furniture etc.  By the way the headboard, mattress and box spring were not included at Michael's family request.