After the fairytale love affair played out on TV, it was over before it got started.  Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson has given in and signed divorce papers originally filed by his wife of only 41 days, Evelyn Lozada.

Since the well publicized head-budding incident, Evelyn has filed for divorce and up until now Chad was acting as if they were going to get back together.  Going as far as inking Evelyn's face on his calf earlier this month.


Now it's officially over.  He's given up his fight.  On top of that, Evelyn has pressing charges and the former football player still has misdemeanor battery charges over his head.  If convicted he will more than likely have to do time.  Why so harsh?  Turns out, he had a prior domestic violence charge.  As a matter of fact, he finished all his plea deal and probation obligations in 2002 to keep from going to jail the first time.  More details about that are below with Tha Wire.

By the way, Evelyn recently appeared on Oprah's Own Network for the season premiere of Iyanla Vanzant's new show "Fix My Life".  While Iyanla's interview with Ev appears to heavily discuss her alleged domestic violence incident with Chad, the truth is Evelyn’s sit down came about a month before the headlines of the head-budding incident.

It's official, American Idol has announced their superstar panel of judges and they started their new jobs yesterday, Sunday September 16th in New York city with the first round of auditions.  The new season of American Idol premieres in January with three new mega-superstar judges and one veteran.  For more info on A.I.'s season 12, listen to Tha Wire below.

Plus, the hit show X-Factor just got another high profile judge.  It's new season jumps of this Wednesday September 19th on Fox.  Press play and find out who'll be joining Brittany Spears.  Finally, Juvenile just plead not guilty to disorderly conduct.  Get all the news now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire: