True, I am in radio and people think I get free music all of the time. Well, while this may be true sometimes, I still am an avid music lover and supporter. Here are a few picks that were released today that I just couldn't wait to go and get:First, I must have a little motivational music, and the new release from Gospel Singer Issac Carree -- formerly of Men Of Standards -- is a must-have. He's currently riding high with the new single "In the Middle," and this is one of those songs where if you're feeling down, it lifts you up. From the beat to the message, this is a fire single to get you moving in the right direction. Check out the video of his performance on "The Monique Show":

The next one that I picked up today is from the GAME. Today, he released his fourth album which is called "The Red Album."  It features the new single with Chris Brown --  "Pot Of Gold." Some may argue that lately, Game has been losing his hunger, but I truly believe that not to be true. "The Red Album" has got to be one of the best that he has released.  He does have plenty of featured guests, including Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Beanie Siegel and Lil Wayne on a couple of hooks -- but he really carries the release by himself. Check out the new single!

Well, I couldn't go broke today, but I did pick up a few more that weren't released today. These are some that I just wanted to have in my collection. I will be back on the prowl next week, just in time for the release of  "The Carter 4" dropping on Monday!