Man today was a great day. I tell people all of the time that I really have fun when I am able to be out in the community and kicking it with the listeners and friends in the city. Well today was my chance. I talk about my friends with Suddenlink daily where I talk about their services including internet, cable and other services they have.

Today was their customer appreciation day. This is something that is done once a year and they offer free food, drinks and giveaways to their customers. I was over there today and they all made me feel welcomed. I also want to shout out to Kim who is the director of operations. Of course I can't forget about Gwen, Sonya, Danielle, Lyndon and all of the staff who were very friendly and welcomed all of the customers out for a great time. Check out some of the photos from today.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out and also for the great hospitality from all of the staff from Suddenlink. I am looking forward to doing this again next year and more to come.