Trey Songz has been one of the hottest R&B singers to hit the game and make a splash since R. Kelly. And although there have been some issues between the two, Trey still has admiration for The Pied Piper.

Since things have been going so well with Trey, he has decided to give alot of his fans something free! Thats right two brand new mixtapes that you can find by visiting and downloading them for free. The first one is called Anticipation 2 which is an all r&b album featuring brand new music. The second on highlights more of his hip hop side with lemmeholdthatbeat2. These days will you rarely ever get free music from an artist, but Trey figured this is something is for a worthwhile call and wanted to display his gratitude to all of his loyal fans. Also be on the lookout for a brand new ep droppin on the 29th of this month. I guess you can say that this is away to truly end the year, and we are the ones to reap all of the benefits!!