Look out folks, because January 2014 will kick off a stellar year for blockbuster films, and this movie is no exception! Watch the official trailer for 'I, Frankenstein.' Don't expect the original creepy tall green guy we're all used to either, because this Frankie has style, and super powers? 

Even though I don't remember Frankenstein flying at any point of it's inception to the world via books and movies, this 2014 reboot looks like it's going to be good! Yes, you heard correctly, he can fly in this movie. Don't believe me? [Trinidad James Voice] Just watch!

'I, Frankenstein' stars Aaron Eckhart, who starred as Harvey Dent in 2008's block buster 'The Dark Knight,' as well as his role as President Benjamin Asher in 'Olympus Has Fallen,' and a host of other films.

Watch the trailer here.