Why are black males, especially teenagers, in Chicago slaughtering one another?  They are single-handedly running themselves into extinction.Murder seems to be the only way these youngsters no how to deal with their problems.  It's a hopeless, senseless, disgusting fact that seems to have been plaguing the city for the past year or so.  The murder rate in Chicago has swelled to almost a genocidal pitch where young black men have been wiping themselves out at a feverish rate as the new year has rolled in.  So far unbelievable 22 murders have accorded over the pass 11 days!

Johnny Boy Da-Prince shot chicago-instagram

The latest murdered was an inspiring young rapper Johnny "Johnny Boy Da Prince" Taylor.  To find out more, listen to Tha Wire below.  On a brighter note, Uncle Luke of the legendary 2 Live Crew will be featured in the premiere of HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.”

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Learn more with Tha Wire below, finally in today's news Nas is just barely over his Vertigo bowt and performing live today. Best of all, you can't catch the concert, plus ask him questions throughout the night. Get the scoop on how you can do that and get the low down on all of today's juicy details now. Press play to hear Tha Wire: