Chris Brown is a notorious hot head, but he managed to keep his cool when an insanely angry drunk guy verbally attacked him with racial slurs.

Baby steps!

Breezy was outside of the Playhouse nightclub in Los Angeles, when a man approached his car and just started berating him incessantly.

Brown was trying to leave in his Lambo when the guy yelled, "I ain't never seen a n---- jump in a car that fast, n----."

The eloquent stranger added, "Yo, scary-ass Chris is that motherf---er bulletproof?"

What happens next is a little murky, but it sounds like Brown asked the guy if he himself is bulletproof, which was a pretty clever retort.

The heckler's reply implies that he bleeds blue, but not in the cop sense: "I'm a crip n----, hell yeah, I'm bulletproof!"

It sounds a lot worse than it looks, though -- if you watch the video (audio may be NSFW), Brown is laughing while this is going down. Obviously he's not worried if his car is bulletproof.