Was Rihanna ready to settle down and start a family with Chris Brown? Whatever the case might be, Chris say's,

I can't be focused on wifing somebody that young, and I'm young too, I can't focus on that right now. I've gotta step forward and ya know, be a man, and be the best Chris Brown I can be.

Chris also turned 24 over the weekend and celebrated real big in Las Vegas. Find out what Chris say's about Rihanna, as well as turning 24, and more. 

When radio host's asked Brown what a good birthday gift for him is, his reply was for peace and clear of mind, and he also said,

I'm 24, I'ma be in Vegas, so I really want to see as many girls as possible.

which opened questions about his relationship status in which Chris was asked if he was going through his birthday solo, and his reply,

At the end of the day shorty doing her thing, she's on the road. All respect to her, & much blessings.  It's always gonna be love, but you know, I'm just gonna do me. I'ma grown man, so.

For more of Chris Brown's recent interview listen below!