Today in Tha Wire, street cred must not last too long, at least if your actor/singer Christopher Williams. Story goes, he got busted over the weekend for allegedly trying to steal a pair of headphones. HipHollywood reports the New Jack City star was getting his shop on at a Kohl’s department store in McDonough, Georgia. He allegedly picked up a $99.99 pair of JBL headphones, admired them for a bit, walked around the store looking at this and that, then headed for the door. Problem was, he kinda bypassed the registers and, unfortunately, security were the bearers of that bad news. Williams allegedly tried to explain that he wasn't thinking and just forgot to pay for them. However, they didn't buy his story, and the star was ultimately arrested. He was reportedly charged with misdemeanor petty theft, posted bail, and was released a couple hours later. Damn! I don't wanna believe that really happened.

Wendy's and Wingstop rap battle -Twitter

Wow! That's pretty crazy. While I love both restaurants, I gotta say, Wendy's won this one! They had the best punchline as far as I'm concerned. What do you think? Let me know. As always for the best entertainment news, check out Tha Wire and catch the scoop daily on The People's Station 107 Jamz.