Now that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling, fans weigh in on the decision.  Plus Sterling says, he will not sell the Clippers.

(Photo by Jonathan Alcorn/Getty Images)

Fans as well as protesters showed up to the Staples Center prior to the Clippers' Game 5 showdown with the Golden State Warriors.  This was L.A.'s first home game since the Donald Sterling audio was first made public.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver handed down the tuffest penelty allowed,  not only banning Sterling from the NBA, adding a $2.5 million fine and urging the league's 29 other owners to vote in favor of stripping Sterling of the franchise he's controlled since 1981.
The Los Angeles Clippers entered their stadium to a standing ovation, as fans and supporters cheered them on shortly after Silver announced their owner was banned from the NBA for life.
Here's what Clippers fans had to say about Silver's decision:
Here's Donald Sterling's reaction: