After a two-day break Wednesday the trial continued with the procecutions last witness Anesthesiology expert Dr. Steven Shafer.  Wednesday he took to the stand and looked the jurors in the eyes and said Dr. Murray committed 17 clear violations of the standard of care and is directly responsible for Michaels death.

Prosecutions David Walgren asked Dr. Shafer if he thought Dr. Murray was competent in which Dr. Shafer called Dr. Murray "clueless" referring to his use of Propofol.  Dr. Shafer said he thinks Dr. Murray didn't know what to do when Michael stopped breathing.  When Murray found Michael not breathing Dr. Shafer said there was nothing more important than calling 911.  When Walgren asked about the doctors failure to do so, Shafer gasp and answered " I almost don't know what to say.  That is so completely and utterly inexcusable."

Thursday- day 14 testimony continued with Dr. Shafer putting Dr. Murray on blast!  Shafer gave damaging testimony against Murray calling his defense theory a "crazy scenario".  With a IV rig similar to the one found in Michaels room, Shafer testified "Had Murray possesed the means to measure the carbon dioxide building in Michaels system or seen Michaels slowed breathing, he could've turned off the Propofol infusion with no injury to Michael".


Finally Dr. Shafer testified that he examined a number of scenarios in which Michael might have taken the leathel dose  of Propofol himself,



but the only one that makes sense is that Murray administered the dose that killed Michael.

Today, Murray's defense team takes over and the case will likely go to the jury for deliberations at the end of next week.