The involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray has been put on hold til Wednesday.  Dr. Murray  had two days to lick his wounds as a witness for the prosecution had a death in the family.  Dr. Steven Shafer was scheduled to testify Monday, however Friday his father passed away and due to funeral arrangements the trial was put on hold.  

Dr. Shafer happens to be a highly respected anesthesiologist and pharmacologist.  Wednesday he is expected to testify about the effects of the surgical anesthetic Propofol on the human body.  He is also expected to give a key piece of evidence to counter the defense's claim that Michael self administered the fatal 25mg of Propofol through and IV catheter in his leg.


Unless something changes, Dr. Shafer will also be the final witness for the prosecution.  Once Shafer gives his testimony, the defense will present it's case and call and estimated 15 witnesses, which could take the testimony through next Monday.