Conrad Murray wants a new trial, and according to, he just might get it. A California court has set Jan.9th for Murray's legal team to argue that he deserves to face another jury.

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Conrad Murray is insisting that the judge in his first trial, which as we all know end with a guilty verdict excluded key evidence.  That being said he's convinced that if a jury hears it, the conviction will be overturned.

In contrast, the attorney general's office said that the judge made no errors and that Murray has no basis for an appeal.  Conrad Murray only served two years of a four year sentence for the death of Michael Jackson.  Sadly the legendary King of Pop died from the overdose in June 2009.

Despite the protest of Michaels family and fans, Murray was released from an L.A. prison this past October, due to overcrowding and good behavior. Meanwhile, Michael's mom, Katherine Jackson, is also looking for an appeal.  Find out why below inside Tha Wire

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In other news, as we all know back in 1992 Iron Mike Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison after being convicted for the rape of former Miss Black Rhode Island Desiree Washington.  Two decades the conviction still haunts the boxer and has basically derailed the former boxer’s plans promoting his autobiography, Undisputed Truth.

Unfortunately, last year the United Kingdom changed their immigration laws, which prevents anyone who’s been sentenced to more than four year in prison from entering the U.K. That’s a major problem for the legendary boxer beings he had stops scheduled in London.  Tyson released a statement regarding the incident:

I have been coming to the U.K. consistently in the past decade so this change is disheartening since it affects my current entry standing. I apologize to my fans that were inconvenienced, however, please know I am currently working diligently with the proper authorities to regain access next year for my U.K. tour.

To make matters worse Tyson will have to face this immigration law again in 2014.  Learn why below with Tha Wire.

Finally, while were on the subjects of athletes, NFL legend Jim Brown stopped by The Arsenio Hall Show this week, and had some rather interesting things to say about Kobe Bryant.

When Arsenio asked him his thoughts on the NBA superstar, the former Browns running back said to everyone’s surprise, “He threw Shaq under the bus.” Here's a look at the interview.

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