One thing you will learn about me is the fact that I love great gospel music. Now I love my Hip Hop, R&B, Zydeco and more but being from Mississippi Gospel music is in my soul. One of my favorites out there is Fred Hammond, formerly a member of the group Commissioned, he has been doing the solo thing for years. He has recently hooked up with Brian Courtney Wilson, Eric Roberson and R&B and former Blackstreet singer Dave Hollister to form the United Tenors. Check out there debut video.

United Tenors- Here in our Praise


If you love great music then there new release Fred Hammond presents United Tenors is a must. They take you back to the old school and bring you some of the latest funk that you would expect to hear from some of your favorite R&B singers out there. I would personally recommend this since I have been jamming it since I received it. Fred has always been a trendsetter and this just proves that he is one to give major props and respect to.

See Fred Hammond along with his old group Commissioned:


Commissioned- Let me tell it: