Yesterday, the Conrad Murray trial resumed and the jury got a chance to listen to the remaining portions of the recorded interview the doctor had with police after MJ's death.  As adamant as Dr. Murray is about Michael giving himself the lethal dose of Propofol that killed him, the doctor who carried out his autopsy is just as adamant that, that would have been impossible.

A major blow was dealt to Murray's case Tuesday when Dr. Christopher Rogers testified that Michaels' death was highly unlikely to have been self-induced.  The doctor said Micheal would have been to drowsy from the other medication Murray had been giving him that it would have been almost impossible for the singer to administer the Propofol himself.  Further, he testified that it would have been much more likely that Murray had miscalculated the dosage that caused Michael to stop breathing and die.




During the proceedings jurors were also shown a gruesome photo of Michael super thin naked body lying on a gurney.  The image was shocking several people including members of his family gasped and one fan was so taken back that she ran out of the courtroom crying.

As far as the continuation of the taped interview, recorded on June 27th, Murray recalled breaking the sad news to Michaels daughter Paris, adding "She cried and was very stark".  Murray then stated that he had done his best to save her father.  Paris then told him, "You know, I will wake-up in the morning, and I won't be able to see my daddy".


Back to the doctor who preformed Michael's autopsy, Dr. Christopher Rogers testified that Murray's description of the final moments leading up to his cardiac arrest just don't add up.  While Dr. Murray claims he left the room for two minutes to go to the restroom and returned to find Michael not breathing.  Dr. Rogers insists Murray's whole scenario is twisted.  Stating that in that two minute window, Michael would have to had woke up(under the influence of several powerful sedatives) and administer the deadly dose.  Dr. Rogers testified that, there is no way Michael could have done that.