In the latest developments, Murray's lawyer Ed Chernoff said in his opening statements that the defense will now go on to claim that Michael didn't drink the lethal dose of Propofol, rather he injected himself instead!  What????  They are actually changing their defense mid trial.  The new claim is probably a good idea though beings that their own independent study found that swallowing Propofol would not have produced fatal results, as Murray said.

Conrad Murray took another beating in court yesterday by his fellow physicians.  As the prosecution began to draw its case to a close, the court heard testimony from two doctors who criticized pretty much every aspect of Murray's treatment methods of Michael, starting with his initial decision to treat Michael's insomnia with Propofol to the crucial 20 minute delay of calling 911.



The two doctors, Dr. Alon Steinbeg and Dr. Nader Kamanger whom both reviewed Murray's case for the California Medical Board, testified that Dr. Murray's actions played an absolute and direct roll in Michael's death.








What's more, the sleep expert also slammed the doctors use of Propofol to treat Michael's insomnia; maintaining the Murray's so called method of CPR was grossly inadequate; and that Murray wasted precious time to save Michael's life by not calling 911 for more than 20 minutes.