Monday was a rough one for the defense, as their most important expert witness was held in contempt of court and even fined $1,000.  Dr. Paul White, an expert in Propofol repeatedly violated the court's orders to refrain from testifying about private conversations with Dr. Murray.Rather than reference Murray's testimony and interviews, he kept using personal and private knowledge of Murray's practices and it really pissed the judge off.


Dr. White was the defense's final witness in the case and told the jury he believes Michael took extra doses of two drugs while Dr. Murray had his back turned.
When lead prosecutor David Walgren asked Dr. White if it was true that Murray supplied Propofol, Dr. White said he understood Michael kept his own stash of the powerful drug.





By the way Monday wasn't the first time that Dr. White found himself in contempt of court. The first time was October 21st after he was overheard calling a member of the prosecution team a profanity. So, Judge Michael E. Pastor might have had enough of him and his mouth. Judge pastor sent the jury outside and chastised the doctor for being unruly and then ordered him back Nov. 16th for a hearing.