Find out how Big Boy Chill has been battling the build-up of ice on his vehicles from the ice and frigid temperatures that have plagued Southwest Louisiana since last week (Jan. 23rd).

Big Boy Chill

If you're anything like me, someone who's lived in the good ol' dirty south all of his life, the frigid temperatures we've been experiencing on the Gulf Coast is as foreign as the outer-space aliens we have yet to encounter.

Along the way (1 week, I'm a rookie), I've picked up a bit of ingenuity to combat the ice build up on my cars windshield, which honesty is more common sense than anything.

Removing ice from my vehicle before going to work has not been the most exciting thing to do, so to save myself a little time and effort and protect my vehicles that aren't kept in the garage as some of them are, we decided to use a combination of blue tarp and card board to cover the windshields. Not only does it save you time, it also keeps you from bone headily cracking your windshield with hot water. For Gods sake, do not pour hot water on your frozen windshields people, it won't end well. If you must use water, use lukewarm water to gradually defrost your windshield; also refrain form immediately turning your cars defroster on high. This also may not end well for you. Though you may have been lucky enough to get away with it before, you've been just that, lucky. Play it safe. I know of several people who are now driving their cars like Ace Ventura because of a cracked windshield.

Though this isn't orthodox practice, it's just a cheat to help you get where you're going a little quicker until this crappy weather dissipates. Depending on how extensive you are with the way you tarp or cover your vehicle, you can be off and away-to-work in no time.

After this week it'll probably be years before we experience this sort of weather again, but I hope at some point this little life hack helps you as much as it's helped me.

FYI: Rubbing alchohol is supposed to also prevent frost build up on glass. See Readers Digest, "12 Ways to Use Rubbing Alcohol."