Divorce is never an easy thing, especially for kids.  It get's even more complicated when there's a lot of money and property involved.  Love can quickly turn to hate when matters of the heart and M.O.N.E.Y. have anything to do with breaking up.

That unfortunately seems to be the case with former NFL great Deion Sanders and his soon to be ex-wife Pilar.  Things have been pretty nasty between the two as they near finalizing their divorce.  They both have been publicly blasting one another for while now.  As of Monday, things got even worse because Pilar went to jail!



This can't be good for the kids.  Right?  Deion actually filed for divorce last year in December and ever since then it's been nothing but drama.  Case in point, just last month, Pilar Sanders filed a $200 million defamation lawsuit against Deion because of something his adult daughter said about her.

Deion's daughter, Deiondra, has been putting Pilar on blast and called her a "gold-digging [expletive]" among other things. To make matters worse, Deion said his daughters statement couldn't be defamation because it's true!  Wow!  Like I said, it's really getting nasty.  Hopefully, the couple can find a happy medium and go their separate ways in peace.